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Misha Mansoor Custom Delrin Flow Pick Live .65mm
Item ID: 573P065MM

List Price: $14.95



A proud user of .60mm Tortex Flow Picks, Misha Mansoor wasn’t looking for a signature model. But he came to realize that his hard and fast playing style was wearing the thin gauge down too fast. So he came to Dunlop looking for a thin pick that could stand up to a ton of punishment while giving him the same sound, flexibility, and playability of his Tortex Flow Pick. Flowing geometry. Sticking with the Flow Pick shape was a no-brainer—it perfectly complements Misha’s progressive picking technique. First, the wide angle and sharp tip offer exceptional handling and precision when things get fast and heavy. Second, the sculpted edge allows him to use his hand like a volume control, squeezing out different dynamics by changing the orientation of his attack—angled to boost and accentuate solos and flat for even, consistent rhythms. Dig-in durability and a balancing warmth. For next-level durability that stands up to Misha’s intense attack, we chose Delrin. Similar in feel to Tortex, Delrin holds its shape even longer and wears more evenly. It sounds nice and warm, too, providing an excellent balance to the articulation provided by the pick’s sharp tip. A pick for the stage and a pick for the studio. The resulting Misha Mansoor Custom Flow Pick perfectly captures the sound, feel, and playability that Misha needs, but we wanted to go a step further. This pick comes in two different gauges: .65mm and .73mm. He likes thin picks because they produce clear notes with just the right amount of compression to keep everything tight and in tune. Just how clear and how in-tune depends on how hard you play, though, and how hard you play depends on when and where you’re playing. The vibe on stage is different than it is in the studio, so we worked with Misha to develop the perfect gauge for each situation. For live performances, the.65mm gauge flexes just enough so that he can play hard and fast with the energy of the crowd while producing nice, clear notes that don’t go s