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8" Emperor White Suede Drumhead
Item ID: BE-0808-WS

List Price: $38.25


With the new Emperor White Suede Drumhead Remo is now applying its unique suede texturing process to its popular Smooth White Series drumheads. The white suede drumheads provide focused warmth and maximum mid-range tones for snare and tom toms that have a soft feel and percussive attack. The White Suede gives more clarity when playing mallets, brushes or sticks. They’re so versatile that you can play aggressively or play soft and intimate and still have great tone and depth. The white suede Ambassador drumheads feature 1-ply of textured smooth white 10 mil film. The white suede Emperor drumheads feature 2-plies of textured smooth white 7.5-mil film. Both weights are ideal for all playing applications.