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Pivot Capo, Satin Chrome

List Price: $60.25


Choose the Pivot Capo for a smooth playing experience that’s vibrant and satisfying. Equipped with our patented self-centering pivot mechanism, the Pivot Capo automatically adapts to a wide range of neck shapes to ensure even tension and precise intonation all the way up and down the neck. And you can kiss string buzz goodbye thanks to an optimized fret pad. Playing with a capo never has sounded better—the Pivot Capo’s tone-enhancing mass and dense rubber padding will liven up your licks and chords with bright clarity and a beautiful, long-lasting sustain. Adjustment is simple and easy with a low-resistance gear that quickly dials in the precise pressure you need.
  • Patented self-centering neck pivot adapts to a variety of neck shapes for even tension and precise intonation up and down the neck
  • Low-resistance gear quickly dials in precise pressure
  • Notes ring out longer and more clearly thanks to tone-enhancing mass and dense rubber padding
  • Optimized fretpad accommodates fretboard radius to reduce string buzzing