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Sonor ORFF
Resonator Bar Primary Contra Bass, B

List Price: $580.00


Looking for a BETTER QUALITY Orff Instrument? Look no further than Primary by Sonor. Sonor's Primary series are the first Orff instruments to be environmentally friendly certified. All bars are made of Pao Rosa wood with overtone or fundamental tuning. Note names and notation symbols are centered on all bars to encourage music reading. All instruments have birch resonator boxes with 100% glued seams, no screws are ever used. Resonator box includes tuning adjuster to tightly control frequencies and volume within room acoustics. Contra Bass and Sub-Contra Bass resonate one octave below a deep bass xylophone or metallophone and make a great substitute for timpani. Mallets are not included with these bass bars, but we recommend using a soft yarn bass bar mallet, like the Basic Beat mallet, item 261021. Sonor Primary KSP 60 X Contra Bass Bars are available in 6 pitches - F, F#, G, A, Bb, and B. If you're looking for something a little deeper, try the Sonor Primary KSP 100 X Sub-Contra Bass Bars!