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Xpression 12-Hole Chromatic Harmonica, Key of C
Item ID: M754301X

List Price: $465.00



The new Chromonica “XPRESSION“ offers the latest technical features and impressive musical capabilities, lending to an expressive and comfortable performance achievable by beginners and advanced players alike. Thanks to its service-friendly construction, and the prioritization of air tightness during its development, the new “XPRESSION” can be used easily regardless of climatic conditions.
  • CNC milled stainless steel mouthpiece with excellent gliding properties and integrated precision slide to provide maximum comfort for the performer
  • Ergonomically shaped stainless steel cover plates for comfortable handling
  • Sound-optimized, sturdy ABS comb
  • Reed plates manufactured to prioritize maximum air tightness
  • Precision-machined brass reeds capable of supporting heavy use
  • All components assembled with screws for easy maintenance