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Sonor ORFF
Meisterklasse Steel 16-Bar Glockenspiel, Alto

List Price: $359.00


Sonor Orff’s Innovative Stainless Steel sound bars have been tested through harsh conditions to ensure they will not rust. The natural, non-painted sound bar surface is optimized with shorter resonance while still producing a pure bell-like tone. Innovative Steel Bar Material A new material composition of stainless steel provides a pure sound with optimized resonance while offering durability, stability, and resistance against fingerprints and scratches. The profiled surface gives the bars a natural, visually appealing look. Magnetic Bar Holder Just attach the bars to the resonator box and you’ll always have them close at hand. New Plastic Head Mallet The new instrument is equipped with a new mallet (SCH 4), which makes the sound of the steel bars particularly pleasant. The handle with grip fits the player‘s hands comfortably.
  • 16 bars
  • c2-a3
  • C-major scale with f#2, bb2, and f#3
  • Profiled steel sound bars – 25 x 3mm
  • Precision-tuned to A440
  • Incl. 1 pair SCH 4 (new mallet)