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Vic Firth
Mike Johnston American Classic Drumsticks
Item ID: NE1

List Price: $27.25


What happens when you let the mind of world-renown drummer and online educator Mike Johnston run wild with the Vic Firth drumstick design process? You get something uniquely Mike but truly designed for players everywhere. Mike's goal in working with the expert craftsmen at Vic Firth was to create a stick that could get out of your way and let you focus on developing your skill behind the kit. Mike pored over every design choice possible to find a tip shape, taper, length, diameter, material, and overall performance that would combine to make the best possible stick to leave you with no excuses to progressing on your drumming journey.
  • Designed in collaboration with world-renown drumming educator, Mike Johnston
  • The longer taper offers an impressive balance and just enough response to ensure the stick isn't getting in your way
  • Crafted from premium USA Hickory
  • With a diameter between a 5A and 5B, this stick will feel instantly comfortable for any number of musical applications
  • The modified barrel tip offers great response and a focused yet slightly darker cymbal sound