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Infeld 12 Nickel Flatwound Electric Guitar String Set, 12-string (.025-.044)
Item ID: NO.IF210

List Price: $130.00


FLAT WOUND FOR THE 60s SOUND: This flat wound set INFELD 12 NO.IF210 guitar strings is especially designed for Rickenbacker 12 string guitars. They offer a very balanced sound – from string to string and from octave to octave. The tension measurement is based on a scale length of 25.5" (648 mm).
  • Designed specifically for Rickenbacker 12-string electric guitars
  • Delivers a sweet sonic signature chock-full of punchy, jangly character
  • Makes every octave and overtone ring out loud and clear
  • Smooth, pure-nickel, flat-ribbon windings offer exceptional feel
  • Durable and long-lasting construction
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  • .010/.010, .013/.013, .010/.020, .013/.025, .020/.035, .025/.044