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Space 5 Artisan Series 5-String Electric Bass With Bag, Star Dust Green

List Price: $1,650.00


The Cort Artisan Space 5 bass guitar isn’t just a modern headless instrument; it’s a resurrection of a pioneering legacy. Back in the 80s, Cort rocked the bass world with the Space line, renowned for its innovative headless design and Steinberger-licensed tuners. Now, that revolutionary spirit returns in the Artisan Space 5, meticulously crafted for the growing demand for compact headless basses. Gone is the traditional body, replaced by a sleek and comfortable headless design. This sheds weight, improves balance, and opens up stage freedom. But despite its modern aesthetic, the Artisan Space 5 whispers of classic bass sensibilities. Maple Body with Poplar Burl Top(6mm): The combination of the Poplar burl top on the soft maple body ensures a great balance between tight full sounding lows and bright and transparent highs, not to mention beautiful wood grain of the Poplar burl top for a more natural organic aesthetic. New Space Body Shape: Echoing the legacy of the 80s Space basses, the Space 5 reimagines the classic for the modern era. Its heart lies in the revered Artisan Bass Series, borrowing its body and neck design, but with a twist. Sculpted for comfort and boldness, the Space 5 boasts deeper contours and daring cutaways, all while embracing the liberating spirit of headless design. Individual bridge saddles and integrated tuner knobs complete the transformation, making the Space 5 a timeless icon reborn. Bartolini® MK-1 Pickups and Active 3-band EQ Preamp: The trademark Bartolini sound is preserved in the MK-1 while providing superb sound quality and value. The MK-1 delivers plenty of punchy and warm mids along with transparent and brilliant highs for a superbly balanced sound. The accompanying active 3-band EQ preamp enables players to equalize and fine tune the perfect tone with its low, mid, and high frequency adjustment knobs.
  • BODY Soft Maple
  • NUT WIDTH 47mm @0Fret
  • TOP Poplar Burl (6mm)
  • NECK 7pcs Roasted Maple, Walnut, Purple Heart & Maple
  • FRETBOARD Roasted Maple
  • Radius: 15.75"(400mm)
  • FRETS 24 with Zero Fret
  • SCALE 34"(864mm)
  • INLAY Abalone Dots
  • TUNERS Specially Designed Hardware for Headless System
  • BRIDGE Specially Designed Hardware for Headless System
  • String Spacing: 18mm
  • PICKUPS Bartolini® MK-1
  • ELECTRONICS Active 3-band EQ Preamp
  • HARDWARE Black
  • STRINGS D'Addario® EXL170-5SL
  • ADDITIONAL 'Next Gen' Cort Logo
  • Spoke Nut Hotrod Truss Rod