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Vintage Series 13" × 8" Floor Tom, Rosewood Semi-Gloss
Item ID: VT-1308TT-RSG

List Price: $1,513.00


Vintage instruments tell us stories. They bring the past to life. That is why we wanted to transform the original SONOR sound, look & feel of the fabulous 50s, 60s, and 70s drums into a contemporary concept: The Vintage Series. Updated teardrop lugs with TuneSafe, the sound of German Beechwood shells with fully rounded bearing edges and the classic delmar wraps or semi-gloss veneers are at the core of what makes our Vintage Series.
  • Shell Sizes 13" x 08"
  • Shell Material Beech
  • Shell Medium Beech Wood Shell
  • Shell Layup 9 Plies, 6mm Shell Thickness
  • Bearing Edges Rounded Bearing Edge
  • Tom Suspension System Vintage Prism Clamp
  • Hoops Superprofil Hoops
  • Lugs Teardrop Lugs, Hole Spacing: 32mm
  • Hardware-Finish Chrome
  • Badges Original SONOR Script Logo
  • Shell Manufacturing CLTF (Cross Laminated Tension Free)-Method, OSM (Optimum Shell Measurement)
  • Other Features TuneSafe System