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Limited Edition 400th Anniversary 5B Drumstick
Item ID: Z5B-400

List Price: $29.50


This limited edition Zildjian 400th Anniversary design celebrates the prevalence of Zildjian cymbals in popular music. With the British invasion, Zildjian became the standard in popular music. When The Beatles appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964, demand for Zildjian cymbals exploded so much that the company ended the year with 90,000 cymbals on backorder. This design is our way of paying homage to 60’s style, inspired by concert posters of that era.
  • Clear Lacquer Wood Tip 5B with 60s Rock Design
  • A favorite size among drummers of all skill levels
  • Delivers a strong sound with a little more stick
  • Mid-range dimensions
  • Offers a little extra punch