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Limited Edition 400th Anniversary Glass Ornament
Item ID: ZMOR0012-LE

List Price: $49.50


Celebrate Zildjian’s 400th Anniversary with the metal that started it all. This limited edition ornament is filled with authentic cymbal shavings from the one and only Zildjian foundry. Also known as “lathe hay,” these pieces are produced when Zildjian master cymbal craftsmen fine-tune the instrument during production. Not only are these cymbal shavings comprised of the secret Zildjian alloy – copper, tin, with traces of silver – they were specifically collected in early 2023 to commemorate Zildjian’s 400th year. Packaged in a printed commemorative tin to protect and store the ornament for years to come, this is a unique keepsake for any Zildjian fan.
  • Glass ornament filled with authentic Zildjian alloy cymbal shavings
  • Commemorative tin packaging included
  • 400th anniversary logo charm detail
  • Black ribbon hanger
  • Glass ball is 4" in diameter (100 mm)