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Graph Tech Guitar
Resomax Archtop Bridge Standard Profile, Nickel
Item ID: PS-7551-N0

List Price: $45.00


The PS-7551 and PS-7552 Resomax Archtop Bridge is engineered for harmonic richness and a beautiful designed bridge with a flexible base to fit the exact contour of your archtop guitar. It is available in Standard Height and Low Profile. When in doubt, use the Standard Height. Available in Nickel and Gold height adjustment thumb screws. A great upgrade for any archtop guitar. It is also available in a Ghost Loaded Pickup version (PN-7551 and 7552) works in conjunction with any of our GHOST preamp kits for authentic acoustic guitar (Acousti-phonic preamp) or plug into virtual and midi devices such as the Boss SY-1000 (Hexaphonic preamp). For electric guitars.