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Limited Edition 400th Anniversary 5B Acorn Blue Drumstick
Item ID: Z5BACBU-400

List Price: $34.00


This limited edition Zildjian 400th Anniversary design celebrates the birth of jazz music and the role of Zildjian cymbals during that era. During the 1930s to 1950s, Avedis Zildjian was quick to embrace the talented musicians who were leading the jazz movement. Having been discriminated against during his own childhood as an Armenian living in Turkey, Avedis vowed there would be no place for discrimination at the Zildjian Company. He worked closely with African-American artists like Chick Webb and Papa Jo Jones (who helped Avedis develop the HiHat). During this period of innovation the “Paper Thin Crash,” “Ride,” “Splash,” “HiHat,” and “Sizzle” cymbals were all developed and named by Avedis. To celebrate this rich time in Zildjian history, the Jazz design evokes the collaborative spirit and continuous movement of jazz music.
  • Painted Blue Wood Acorn Tip 5B with 20s Jazz design
  • A favorite size among drummers of all skill levels
  • Acorn tip for clarity and articulation
  • Mid-range dimensions
  • Offers more reach and leverage